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2021-08-13 The paper(s) submitted for this year’s November International Symposium will be reviewed and competed to receive the Best Paper Award in terms of prize-money in honor of the late Professor Chiu-Lang Chi and Kai-Chong Cheung.
2021-07-08 The deadline for all presenters to submit their full papers for consideration of possible inclusion in the Selected Papers from the 30th International Symposium on English Language Teaching to 2021etaconference@gmail.com via email attachment is September 1, 2021.
2021-07-07 On-line pre-registration for the participants starts September 15 and ends October 30, 2021. Please access ETA website: www.eta.org.tw, pay the membership fee through the Post Office Account, and fill out the on-line registration form.
2021-07-05 ETA-ROC will send you the pre-registration confirmation via email after your completion of the pre-registration subsequently. Please make sure to input your correct email address and check it carefully.
2021-07-03 Details for the pre-registration procedures can be downloaded for your reference.