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2024-06-03 List of Invited Speakers for the 2024 ETA International Symposiu, Taiwan
2024-06-03 Important Dates for the 2024 ETA International Symposium
2024-04-19 International Presenters: Registration Fee to be paid by Paypal via Link (PayPal.Me/etaroc):(before July 15, 2024) : USD85: after July 15, 2024: USD100
2023-09-11 News of 2023 International Symposium on English Language Teaching from ETA-ROC
2022-09-16 News of 2022 International Symposium on English Language Teaching from ETA-ROC
2022-04-15 The on-line pre-registration for the 2022 ETA International Symposium for all local presenters and co-presenters begins April 15 and ends June 15, 2022.
2021-11-11 2021 ETA International Symposium on English Language Teaching will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 12-14, 2021, Chien Tan Activity Center, Taipei City. All English teachers and graduate students are most welcomed to register and pay the registration fee to attend this conference. Please note that no lunch will be served on Friday, November 12.
2021-10-25 Tentative Conference Schedule
2021-10-15 Special Announcement of the 2021 Winners of the Paper Award in Honor of the Late Professor Chiu-lang Chi (紀秋郎) & Kai-chong Cheung (張繼莊)
2021-10-07 Your pre-registration/order is considered incomplete if you have not paid the fee via the Post Office. Consequently, we won’t be able to send the confirmation of your registration/order to you.
2021-08-13 The paper(s) submitted for this year’s November International Symposium will be reviewed and competed to receive the Best Paper Award in terms of prize-money in honor of the late Professor Chiu-Lang Chi and Kai-Chong Cheung.
2021-07-08 The deadline for all presenters to submit their full papers for consideration of possible inclusion in the Selected Papers from the 30th International Symposium on English Language Teaching to 2021etaconference@gmail.com via email attachment is September 1, 2021.
2021-07-07 On-line pre-registration for the participants starts September 15 and ends October 30, 2021. Please access ETA website: www.eta.org.tw, pay the membership fee through the Post Office Account, and fill out the on-line registration form.
2021-07-05 ETA-ROC will send you the pre-registration confirmation via email after your completion of the pre-registration subsequently. Please make sure to input your correct email address and check it carefully.
2021-07-03 Details for the pre-registration procedures can be downloaded for your reference.