The 31st International Symposium on English Language Teaching and Learning and Book Fair

TESPA International Conference and The 21st Academic Forum of National Taipei University of Business

Conference Theme :

Transferable & Transformative: The New Normal in Language Education

Writing has long been a way to enrich thinking, especially when learners are acquiring creative and critical thinking. Similarly, when getting messages across to people, both reading and writing are perfect to eradicate language barriers. Through second languages learning, inclusive of speaking and writing, the conference also encourages bilingualism and EMI teaching formalities. However, things can never be the same after this computer era and COVID-19 pandemic.

The new normal? With the rapid development of technology, everything seems possible: travelling to space, VR dating online, auto-pilot driving, facial recognition, mRNA techniques, digital wallets…, etc. Technological advanced teaching and learning methods are in question. Educators at the various levels of learning—primary, secondary, and tertiary, use cutting-edge devices to assist their teaching and learning. Methods such as project-based, flipped classroom and distance learning/teaching went viral whether we like it or not.

Topics covered in the Conference include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Teaching writing with computers, Attitudes towards Language Practices, The Internet and the Language Classroom, Improving Schools Through Teacher Leadership, Story and Discourse, ELT Curriculum, Online Instruction and Assessment in Post-COVID-19 Pandemic, Language and Society, Writing English Language Tests: Exercises vs. Tests, Foreign Language Research in Cross- Cultural Perspective, Learning Language through Literature, Language Learning Beyond Training, Corpus Linguistics, Tribes of Machine Learning/ Deep Learning in ELT, World Englishes vs. The Singularity of Standard English, The Robotic Engineers and Language Learning, Linguistic inclusivity and Equity in Language Education, Online Learning: The New Normal?, Adult ELT and lifelong learning, Bilingual Education, CLIL, EMI, Curriculum design and material development, Pedagogy and assessment, ELF, EIL, World Englishes, ELT policy, Identity, agency, autonomy, ownership, Interdisciplinary ELT, Linguistics in ELT, Literature in ELT, Strategic language learning, Teacher training and development, Technology and Translation in ELT, Computer Assisted Language Learning


  • English Teachers’ Association-Republic of China
  • Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taipei University of Business


Friday, 11/4 DAY 1
10:00-14:30 Registration
Saturday, 11/5 DAY 2
08:00-16:30 Registration
Sunday, 11/6 DAY 3
08:00-15:30 Registration


Pre-registration will open on September 15, 2022 and end on October 29, 2022.

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Pre-registration for Local Participants (Old)

Before 10/29/2022
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Conference Package Includes:

  • Program Book
  • Conference Proceedings / CD-Rom
  • Lunchbox 11/4, 11/5, 11/6

Pre-registration for Local Participants (New)

Before 10/29/2022
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Conference Package Includes:

  • Program Book
  • Conference Proceedings / CD-Rom
  • Lunchbox 11/4, 11/5, 11/6


※ We won’t provide conference bag to the participants this year because of environmental protection.

Quantity of the conference materials is limited. Priority will be given to the pre-registered members. ETA will prepare 50 sets of conference materials for the on-site registration participants. It will be based on a first-come-first-served basis. ETA won’t be able to send the conference materials or refund the membership fee for those pre-registered members who fail to attend the conference for any reasons.

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