The 32nd International Symposium on English Language Teaching and Learning and Book Fair

Conference Theme :

Innovation, Diversity, and Sustainability in English Language Teaching and Learning

As global Covid-19 pandemics have unprecedentedly impactedELT professionals at all levels during the past few years, existing challenges and new opportunities demand more innovative, diversified, and sustainable ELT practices and policies that can lead to better education today. For innovation, language educators and educational policy makers need to consider how best recent technological advancement, with its interactive and immersive characteristics, can provide new alternatives for learning. For diversity in language education, it is important to provide inclusive and equitable quality language education to ensure learners, irrespective of gender, age, and ethnicity, have equal access to life-long learning. To sustain quality education, ELT professionals call for effective language learning and teaching practices so that language education endeavors can be promoted and sustained.
This conference aims to reexamine English teaching, coming up with ways to innovate, diversify and sustain English teaching and learning. What is the situation at the various levels of learning—primary, secondary, and tertiary? Are our pedagogy and assessment appropriate and how can they help learners? How can theory be applied to classroom practice?


  • English Teachers’ Association-Republic of China
  • National Taiwan Ocean University


Friday, 11/10 DAY 1
10:00-14:30 Registration
Saturday, 11/11 DAY 2
08:00-16:30 Registration
Sunday, 11/12 DAY 3
08:00-15:30 Registration


Pre-registration will open on May 1st, 2023 and end on June 30, 2023.

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Pre-registration for Local Participants (Old)

Before 6/30/2023
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  • Program Book
  • Conference Proceedings / CD-Rom
  • Lunchbox 11/10, 11/11, 11/12

Pre-registration for Local Participants (New)

Before 6/30/2023
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Conference Package Includes:

  • Program Book
  • Conference Proceedings / CD-Rom
  • Lunchbox 11/10, 11/11, 11/12


※ We won’t provide conference bag to the participants this year because of environmental protection.

Quantity of the conference materials is limited. Priority will be given to the pre-registered members. ETA will prepare 50 sets of conference materials for the on-site registration participants. It will be based on a first-come-first-served basis. ETA won’t be able to send the conference materials or refund the membership fee for those pre-registered members who fail to attend the conference for any reasons.

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